Sailing at Dartmouth is Cancelled

HANOVER, NH-The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's sailing team didn't get to race in their final scheduled competition of the season this weekend at the Professor No Ringer Invitational, hosted by Dartmouth College.

Inclement weather was the culprit, according to Head Coach Jerry Jennings.

"UMD's sailing team arrived at Dartmouth's sailing venue Saturday morning to find sub-freezing temperatures and unusually high winds of 25 miles per hour," said Jennings. "The temperature was 25 degrees Fahrenheit the night before. Officials decided to postpone the racing for a while to determine if the wind would become manageable. From 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. crews and teams stayed in their vans as the wind held steady. A start was announced, boats rigged, and several teams took to the water, only to be recalled by officials due to increasing winds."

"UMD withdrew from the event along with several other teams," said Jennings. "A final check with the Dartmouth officials indicated the day's program would be cancelled."

The meet was the final scheduled action of the spring for the Corsairs.