Bryan Robbat
Bryan Robbat
Phone: 999-8738
Position: Student Assistant Coach

Bryan Robbat has been coaching since his sophomore year in high school. Now, as a sophomore at UMass Dartmouth, he's a student assistant coach, working with the safeties.

Robbat began his career as a wide receiver and safety at North Andover High School in his home town of North Andover, MA, but injuries forced him to switch his focus from playing to coaching.

"When I started coaching at North Andover, I was the assistant wide receiver and defensive backs coach," said Robbat. "The next year, I was promoted to head wide receivers and safeties coach, and special teams coordinator."

When his high school career ended, Robbat continued to pursue coaching. "I sent a bunch of letters to a bunch of different schools, and Coach Robichaud was one of the few who responded," said Robbat. "I came here and met with him, and decided that this would be the best place for me."

Robbat, who aspires to be a head coach in the professional ranks one day, is pleased with his choice. "The experience has just been unbelievable," said Robbat. "It's amazing that I can continue to do something that I love to do."