Student Athlete Medical Documentation

All University of Massachusetts Dartmouth student-athletes are required to complete all pre-participation medical forms and return them to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Athletic Training Department PRIOR to being allowed to participate in any practice, game or conditioning session with their respective athletic programs. Read and follow the directions carefully as each portion requires special attention and contains important information for student-athletes.  These steps need to be completed annually and turned into the Athletic Training staff.

PLEASE NOTE - these documents are different from those sent out by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's Health Services. Only the below documents will be accepted for clearance to participate as an UMass Dartmouth student-athlete! 

Note: The forms below are in PDF format. If you need Adobe Acrobat to open them: Link to Adobe

Letter about Back-up Insurance (Student-athletes and parents please be aware of UMass Dartmouth's back-up insurance policy.  Please read for an explanation of insurance issues)


Below you will find information and web links which will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation required to receive medical clearance to compete as a varsity athlete at UMass Dartmouth this season.  Please note that medical paperwork will only be accepted Monday through Friday from 10AM to 2PM once classes resume.  Below is a checklist that explains all that needs to be completed to become medically cleared to participate for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Medical Clearance Checklist

First Year Student:

The first step in the procedure is to download the instruction form. This form is available by clicking this link. This form is a guide to properly enter your information into the new online software being used this year for the first time.

Once you have downloaded the instruction document, review the instructions and proceed to the website or follow this link to the site.

  • The database name is atsumassd.

After reaching the ATS Athlete Portal Login page, enter the necessary information contained in the instructions. Proceed through the website until all required information has been entered. There are five tabs that need to be filled out and after the final tab is complete remember to click SAVE. Once saved the form is complete.

Returning Student Athletes:

All returning student athletes must review and verify all of their information each year to be eligible to participate.  The instructions to verify this information can be found by clicking this link.

Once you have downloaded the instruction document, review the instructions and proceed to the website or follow this link to the site.  Please follow the directions provided to update your information.

  • The database name is atsumassd.

For All Student Athletes:

The next step in the process is to download the Physical Form, have it filled out by a doctor and return it to the Sports Medicine Office. The form can either be mailed to the Tripp Athletic Center, 285 Old Westport Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300 or it can be brought to the Sports Medicine Office at the time students arrive on campus.

Physical Exam needs to be performed by a Health Care Professional. Student-athletes are required to undergo this medical examination within a one year period prior to the start date of fall preseason. (This date is listed below) The physician signature and office stamp ensure that your son/daughter was seen and cleared by the appropriate medical personnel. Please be sure that the doctor completes the forms in full.  PLEASE NOTE - these documents are different from those sent out by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's Health Services. Only the below documents will be accepted for clearance to participate as an UMass Dartmouth student-athlete! 

  • Physical Form All physicals must be dated on or after August 12th, 2015.

NCAA Medical Exception Documentation

For any student-athlete diagnosed with Asthma, ADD or ADHD:

The NCAA has instituted a stricter application of the medical exception policy for the use of banned stimulant medication for the treament of asthma and/ or ADD/ ADHD.  This stricter application reflects a strong stand on policy enforcement, protecting the student-athlete competing while using these stimulants and the integrity of the sport.  If you have been diagnosed with either asthma or ADD/ ADHD and are using stimulant medication, you must provide proper documentation from your diagnosing health care provider in order to participate in NCAA athletics each academic year.  The forms can be found below.

These forms must be filled out annually by the student-athlete and the diagnosing physician.

Asthma Explanation Letter

Asthma Medical Exception Form

ADD/ ADHD Explanation Letter

ADD/ ADHD Medical Exception Form

 Sickle Cell Guidelines

The NCAA requires all member institutions to confirm each student athlete's sickle cell trait status (SCTS).  Not complying with these requirements WILL impact your medical clearance status.

Student athletes who are positive for Sickle Cell Trait will be allowed to participate in intercollegiate athletics; this does NOT prohibit the student athlete from participating.  Knowing your SCTS will help the athletics department staff (Athletic Trainers, physicians and coaches) make adjustments to your training program, monitor your health during participation and provide proper care if you become ill.  Educational material regarding SCT, along with the Athletic Department's policy can be found through the links below.

More information about the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Sports Medicine Sickle Cell Policy can be found at this link

One of the following options must be chosen to meet the SCTS confirmation requirement:

Providing SCTS Results

1. Provide a copy of your newborn sickle cell test results.  Contact your Hospital of birth and/or you pediatrician's office and request your SCTS results from birth. Most states, after March 6, 1990, require newborns to be tested for SCT.

2.  Provide a copy of a recent Sickle Cell Solubility test indicating your SCTS. (This requires a written request from a physician, a blood draw from physician’s office or lab and a lab test).

If you do not have access to your sickle cell test results and were born in the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont you can request your information from the New England Newborn Screening Lab with the following request form.

New England Newborn Screening Lab Sickle Sell Trait Status Request Form

If you were born in any other state, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands you may refer to the contact list provided in the link below to request your information.

Newborn Screening Contact List

UMD Sickle Cell Trait Compliance Form please download and include with your lab results.

Not Providing SCTS Results

While the waiver is the quickest and easiest option it is not recommended.  The best option for your health and safety is to confirm your SCTS.  Also a waiver must be completed on an annual basis.  These waivers do not carry over from the previous academic year.

Sickle Cell Waiver for student athletes who chose not to provide their sickle cell status.

NCAA Fact Sheet for Student Athletes

Completion of Medical Paperwork

Once you have printed, reviewed, and properly filled out all forms, please mail or fax to:

Wendy Kirby Head Athletic Trainer
Sports Medicine Department
UMass Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Or fax to: 508-910-6539

If you have any questions or concerns about the above information and/or any items within the pre-participation packets, please do not hesitate to call us at 508-999-8731.