Mission Statement:

Our mission as strength and conditioning staff is to provide an environment that not only enables athletic development for the student-athletes, but one that enables their social and cognitive development. Through the use of progressive programming, we will continually challenge the student-athletes under our care both physically, mentally, and socially, so that they can achieve their full potential not only as student-athletes but as individuals.



  • Whether it is exercise selection or facility set-up, the number one goal is to ensure student-athlete safety.


  • All strength and conditioning programs are designed to reduce the number of non-contact injuries.
  • The implementation of gradual adaptations and progressions in a periodized program will be used to maximize safety and performance growth. 
  • All daily, weekly, and monthly training loads in regards to the strength and conditioning programs will be designed and continually assessed to minimize student-athlete fatigue. 
  • We will work closely with the Sport Medicine Staff to create “return to play” protocols for student athletes returning from injury.


  • Periodization:
    • Various strategies will be employed to promote long-term training and performance improvements for student-athletes with preplanned, systematic variations in training specificity, intensity, and volume.
  • Progressive Overload:
    • Through periodization, the student-athletes will encounter programming that continually increases the demands on the musculoskeletal system so that they may continually make gains in muscle size, strength and endurance
  • Multi-joint exercises:
    • Student-athletes must learn to coordinate multiple joints fluidly in order to perform specific tasks. Using multiple joint movements will also allow for student-athletes to train more muscles at one time in comparison to single joint activities. This will create a more efficient and productive program.
  • Explosive Exercises:
    • To become fast and powerful, student-athletes must train in this very same manner. Training explosively with free weights, plyometrics and medicine balls will recruit more “fast twitch muscle fibers” and will lead to improve force production.
  • Three Dimensional Movements:
    • All programs will be designed to ensure that all student-athletes become proficient in all three planes of athletic motion, which are the sagittal (front/back), the transverse (rotational), and the frontal (side to side) planes of motion.
  • Conditioning:
    • All conditioning protocols will based on energy system demands of the sport.



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